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And I created Musings and Deeds as an instrument to share my journey with you.

As children, we have this longing to become adults and as we grow we find out that there are no guidelines and a whole lot of expectations. We navigate this thing called life by trial and error and we hope that at the end, when we look back, that we have written a beautiful story (or at least something we can be proud of).

So that is where I come in, as I get older, and hopefully a little wiser, I find myself offering my opinion and insight. I call and message my sisters sharing tips on what to do, try, and how to make life a little easier, a little more healthy, and a bit more fun.

However, why share only with my sisters?

If I can resonate with someone else out there, and if my journey can make someone else's journey a little bit easier that would be awesome.

I do not claim to know it all and in my journey, I am still learning but let's tackle this "adulting" thing together. I can promise to be honest and to share my thoughts and experiences and hopefully help my sisters and brothers of the world create their own beautiful story and conscious lifestyle.

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