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Born a Minimalist

Minimalism is creating a life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions.

That is the official meaning, but long before I ever knew what minimalism was, I was a minimalist at heart. I was never rich, far from it, but material things were never what drove me or gave me happiness. 

 Born a Minimalist

When I look back on life, the most pleasure I have had was my experiences. As a child, I did not have many toys, but I remember fondly playing for hours with my sisters and the fun we would have. I look back at laughing with loved ones while sharing a tasty meal. Or visiting a new location and experiencing it and take it in with all its glory. 

As I grew older this remained a constant in my life. I always gave priority to having a good time with family and friends over buying items or having many possessions. This is in part what made me pack everything I owned into two suitcases and move to London. I wanted the experience of living in a new place by myself because experiences are important to me. And I was able to do so. All my belongings fit into two suitcases and that is how I embarked on this adventure. 

Yes, even calling myself a minimalist I did own a few other things, which I managed to donate, gift, or sell. But that moment of putting everything into the suitcases, although a little stressful was very awakening. These were the items that truly mattered. These were the items that I truly needed.

I have since tried to remember that moment and how freeing it was. So no, I did not know that I was a minimalist many years ago. I did not know that by choosing to not buy 50 pairs of shoes but rather spend the money for an outing, an event, or just a delicious meal that made me a minimalist. But today I know that it was part of me for many years. I have come to embrace it and I feel that it simplifies my life. And that feeling is intoxicating.

Being a Minimalist

Now I am not saying that everything you own must fit into 2 suitcases. But it is important to look at what you own and ask yourself. Do you need it? Does it serve a purpose? We accumulate stuff so easily and if we stop and look at what we own we can not come up with a reason for certain items. It is just stuff.

However, stuff costs money, it takes up space and causes clutter. To simplify your life take a hard, long look around. Are the things you see important to you? And when you go to the store, is the item you want to purchase something you truly need? Something that will serve a purpose?

These questions will help you simplify some of the items around you and ultimately your life. This is how you start building a deliberate and thoughtful lifestyle. Listen to yourself and make these decisions. Declutter your space and only bring into your space items that will somehow improve it. 

In the process of simplifying your life, you may end up with items that you do not need or want in your space. Sell them if they are in good condition or give them to someone you know or donate. Do not throw them out because the item does not serve a purpose in your life, because it may be something someone else needs. If you can keep these items from our landfills it would be great and the planet will thank you.

Ultimately there are many ways to declutter and simplify your life and in this space, I will be sharing with you what has worked for me over the years. I hope these tips will get you on the path to making a more conscious life for yourself and embrace minimalism.

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